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T.J. Hope

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Author - Writer - Creator - Events - Influencer




T.J. Hope is a fiction author, CEO, spoken word artist, and promoter from South Florida. She credits her success to remaining genuine to both her roots and her growth. In her own words, "It's not the cards life deals you, but how you play them."

As seen in magazines such as Urban Books, Authors & Writers Of America (UBAWA), and VoyageMia, T.J. is known for her gritty, fast-paced, and engaging stories. Her books have garnered five-star reviews from avid readers and die-hard book reviewers alike.

T.J. is most known for her Hood Lemonade Trilogy, and also has had her writing published in various fiction anthologies. Her anticipated novel, Dangerously In Love is Available!

 When she is not writing, she enjoys time with her family and providing platforms for spoken word and performing artists looking to perfect their crafts.

 T.J. established TJ Hope Presents LLC in 2016, providing spaces for artists to grow, express their talents, gain collaborations, fans, and followers. These events offer a unique and different vibe for South Floridians to attend and experience spoken and performing art. 

T.J. Hope Presents currently runs two events monthly: The Love Jones Open Mic Experience (2nd Thursdays) and Eargasm: Poetry & Chill (4th Fridays).

Dangerously In Love

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IG LIVE! FB LIVE! YOUTUBE! - "Grown & Tipsy Conversation on Real Topics!"

November 11, 2021

Love Jones - "Boogie Nights - 1970s Retro" Affair

"It's all Love, at Love Jones!" (All-Arts)

November 26, 2021

"You've been warned, you may just have an Eargasm!" (Erotic Poetry)

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