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All I Want For Christmas

"An Erotic Holiday Tale"

Chapter 1

I sat in Sage’s driveway checking my red lipstick that was the perfect match to the red cocktail dress I’d selected for our special evening together.

I took a couple of deep breaths and chewed on an Altoid.

I should just leave. What am I doing?

My cell phone text notification went off. I checked it to see another message from Quincy.

Quincy: Where are you? We really need to talk.

I switched my phone off, his text being the deciding factor to make me go forward with this.

Fuck you, Quincy!

I sprayed on No.5 Chanel as I clicked the alarm button to lock my car’s doors.

My heels tapped out a steady rhythm as I made my way to her porch.

As I reached to knock, the door was opened.

There stood Sage. She was wearing a black lace teddy, with black matching pumps.

Her hazel eyes peeked through the holes of her masquerade mask, trailing my body. Her lips were a shiny, fiery red that matched mine.

Candles flickered throughout her home, casting a romantic glow that matched the music softly playing over her Bose stereo system.

“Wine or Vodka?” said a man standing behind the bar in a silk robe, his bare chest staring back at me through its opening.

I observed his smooth dark skin that looked like he was dipped in a tub of dark chocolate. His chestnut eyes against his dark skin were enchanting, almost magical.

He caressed me with his eyes, awaiting my response.

“Vodka,” I replied, unable to keep my eyes off him.

I was starting to freak out inside, wondering at exactly what I’d agreed to.


I hadn’t ever been with anyone other than Quincy. He’d been my first love, my first everything, as well as my planned future.

“Okay, let’s do some shots,” he replied, reaching in a cabinet behind her bar to retrieve three shot glasses.

We all retrieved our shots from the bar.

I was still unable to keep my eyes off him. He was GQ Magazine fine with his ripped abs staring at me.

He noticed and began to chuckle. A sexy chuckle that was making my panties wet.

I shyly looked away.

He walked over slowly and positioned himself behind me. He started to massage my shoulders.

I felt his breath on the back of my neck, causing its hair to rise. His constant breathing caused currents to leave my neck and race down my spine.


“I’m Kevin,” he was saying.

Sage walked over with a sexy smirk and stood in front of me, purposely close.

“You trust me, right?” she asked, reaching both arms around me on either side, causing her face to align with mine, her breasts pressed against mine.

I could feel our body heat radiating and coinciding.

I stood there strangely turned on, sandwiched between them.

“He’s here to aid in pleasing you. It’s all about you tonight if that’s okay with you,” she said.

I was intrigued.

Chapter 2

I knocked back that first shot. My face distorted briefly at its bitterness.

We engaged in light conversation as I felt my inhibitions leaving with every shot.

I was feeling myself and a carefree mood had taken over me.

Fuck Quincy.

When we, by Tank blared through the Bose speakers as I watched Sage moving her body to the music.

She swayed her hips back and forth almost in a slow-motion twerk, as she removed her black teddy.

Her body was regal and elegant. I found myself in a trance, watching her every move. I’d never looked at another woman that way before.

The oil on her body glistened as she bent down to kiss me. I let her lips touch mine as I felt her hands exploring my body.

I looked over at Kevin, who held a seductive expression.

“Kev, she’s never had an orgasm. We have to treat her extra special,” Sage said in a whisper while pulling my panties off.

“Never?” Kevin asked, stunned.

I shook my head back and forth to signify that I hadn’t.

Then, she yanked me down to where she was positioned right in between my legs.

She smiled up at me right before she started to softly lick my clit.

Oh my God!

I’d never had anyone to go down on me before and there she was licking and slurping like she couldn’t get enough.

Then, Kevin came over to suck on my breasts as he reached around to rub her clit. We seemed to be moaning in unison.

The hot breath from her moans as she licked took away what was left of my inhibitions. I raised my legs to sit on her shoulders as I grabbed hold of her head as she continued to devour me.

Kevin found his way behind her and entered her from the back. It was turning me on to watch him fucking her from behind as she continued to lick me, stopping at intervals to softly suck on my clit.

I could hear their bodies spanking, combined with the sound of her slurping. I could not control myself as I grabbed onto her hair and began to fuck her face.

She kept up with my pace, flickering her tongue on my clitoris in waves.

Finally, I felt the sensation hurling to be released, causing my pussy muscles to pulsate on their own.

This had never happened.

Oooooooo shit!

Different bursts of color exploded behind my closed eyelids.

I let out the loudest scream and moan combined.

I’d never felt anything this good.

I opened my eyes to see them both, smiling at me.

“Are you ready for some dick now?” he asked.

Breathless, all I could do was nod.

She lay under me as I positioned myself into doggy style. Her mouth found my breasts at the same time that he entered me the back.

The orgasm had made me so wet and slippery, that although he was large, he slid right in and up to my G-Spot.

Her hand again found my clit, as he slowly slid himself in and out, allowing me to feel the full length of his shaft.

It was good. So good.

But, I needed more. So much more.

Desperate for relief, I backed my ass into him with every stroke,

He took the hint and started to take me with a hard, steady rhythm that beat out a staccato only evident in the finest hip-hop tracks.

From the stimulation from her hot mouth on my breasts to her moist fingers creating a swirling sensation on my clitoris and him filling me up to capacity, my erroneous zones had entered a foreign place.

And I loved it. I did not want it to end.

Again, my body was shaken by another orgasm.


I’d awakened the next morning to the three of us sprawled out naked across her king-sized bed.

We indulged again.

Chapter 3

One week earlier.

Things had changed.

It started out slowly. Quincy had finally gotten an offer with a local news network as Sports Anchor. I was ecstatic for him, he’d been working so hard to get there.

Since he’d gotten that news, it seemed something between us was changing.

Quincy had always been very attentive to me. But now, things have changed.

I hadn’t heard from him or seen him for the past few days.

Numerous calls to him still went both unanswered and unreturned.

I’d called all the area hospitals and even the County Jail in search of him. All searches had come up empty.

My emotions swung between furious and worried as I paced my living room.

Then, I remembered the extra key he kept at my place for if he was ever locked out. He’d nonchalantly dropped in my jewelry box for convenience should he ever need it.

I knew I shouldn’t use his key. It was wrong and an invasion of his privacy. I should just wait until he contacted me. But, I deserved answers, and I deserved them now.

Quincy and I talked every day, and my new-found loneliness was making me unable to sleep.

Where is he?

Is he hurt?

Maybe he was robbed?

Is he laying in a ditch somewhere?

Is there another woman?

Has he left me?

So many thoughts jumbled my mind, that I found it hard to focus on anything else. I needed to find him.

As I turned onto his street, my heart sank at the sight of a sporty SLK300 two-seater Benz parked in his driveway, directly behind his car.

He’s home. 

He’s been ignoring me.

I stood in front of the door wondering if I should knock. It was evident by the cars in the driveway that he was home and not alone.

There had to be a perfect explanation for this.

I peeked through the opening in the curtain instead to see that the room was dim. The glow from the television the only contrast to its darkness.

I went around to his bedroom, but the curtains were closed tightly.

I could not see inside. I pressed my ear to the glass.

My heart sped, dropped in my stomach and then beat sporadically. I could hear Trey Songz proclaiming loudly that he bet the neighbors knew his name.

Chapter 4

Fuck this!

I went back to the front door and quietly let myself inside. I walked to his bedroom door where there was no need to put my ear to the door.

Even over the loud music, I could hear the combination of body slapping, passion cries, and escalated moans confirming that he was making love to someone else.

Pure adrenaline mixed with anger and hurt had created this fireball of emotion that did not give two fucks.

I need a weapon.

I turned and walked into his kitchen where I fetched a knife. I was headed back in to slaughter them both when I tripped into a wall and sliced my own arm.

That fueled my anger as I ran full speed back to his room, this time with the point of the knife facing the ground.

I twisted the knob to enter but it had been locked from the inside.

Oh, hell no!

I rammed myself into the door repeatedly trying to burst it open to get inside.

I thought at any moment the door would yank open, yet they seemed oblivious that I was there.

I wondered if I knew the woman he was with if she was prettier than me or smarter. What was so special about her that he’d risk everything we were building?

I beat on the door with all my might. I kicked it and rammed it until I had nothing left in me. I just wasn’t strong enough. The anger in me seemed enormous enough to move a mountain, still, that damned door would not budge.

I slid my back down the door until my ass hit the floor hard. My chest and stomach heaved from my cries.

I cried near that door, listening to their body slap for at least another ten minutes before the torture ceased.

My eyes blinked rapidly as tears flooded my vision. I looked down at my blood-stained shirt and the knife still in my hand.

I’m better than this.

If I didn’t leave with anything, I would leave with my pride.

I headed to the liquor store to stock up on what I’d need not to go back over there and wait, to kill them both.

Chapter 5

I’d been in a slight haze since then, drinking excessively. I didn’t remember leaving the liquor store, parking nor coming into my apartment.

I had no appetite.

I’d turned my phone off after Quincy’s first attempt to me, which wasn’t until after ten o’clock the next day when his side piece must have finally left.

What the fuck could he possibly have to say to me?

I started the day with mimosas and had gone through two bottles by noon. I’d remembered having a few vodka shots before I jumped in the car to head to the Britney’s Sports Bar to further soak my pain with a large, Long Island Iced Tea.

My eyes opened to the rhythm of my beating head.

Large hazel eyes looked back at me as Boyz to Men’s version of Silent Night, blasted from an unknown source.

What happened?

The owner of the hazel eyes was reaching her hands out to me to help me off the floor and back up onto the barstool. I blinked trying to gain awareness of exactly what was going on.

“I’m Sage. You hit the floor pretty hard, are you okay? Is there someone I should call?” she asked concerned.

Hit the floor?

That would explain why my head was beating like a drum.

I observed my surroundings and the memories flooded back in quickly.

The previous night.


I needed more alcohol.

“Bartender,” I yelled out to a shapely redhead, who headed over.

“I’ll …,” I slurred.

“She’ll take a bottle of water, please,” the hazel-eyed woman said to the bartender.

My head shot up, looking over, shooting daggers through my eyes at her.

Who the fuck does she think she is?

“I don’t want water,” I said, challenging her.

“But, you do need it,” she said to me, protective, like a relative or close friend.

I studied her closely.

She had bronzed skin and stood at about 5’8”. She was slim, with the frame of a model. Her straight bob moved right back into place with each head swing.

She looked well kept with manicured hands and jewels that danced with the bar lights.

“That son of a bitch!” escaped me before I could contain myself. Echos of body slapping trapped in my memory.

“So, what’s his name and what the hell did he do?” she asked interestedly.

We laughed in unison.

“Quin-cee,” I slurred, confirming that she’d hit the nail on its head and guessed correctly at what had me up in Britney’s white-girl wasted.

She reached over to grab my water bottle. She twisted the cap off and handed it to me.

“Drink and tell,” she said, positioning her hand beneath her delicate chin and resting her elbow on the bar.

Small sips of the water turned into huge gulps, as I felt the haziness fading with the more water I ingested.

“Well, simply put,” I said in between gulps, “I caught him in bed with another woman last night.”

“Whoa! What?” she asked in disbelief, “so, somebody’s dead then, right? I mean, that is why you’re doing all this drinking, right?” she joked.

“No, I was trying to, but instead I did this to myself trying to get back to his room with the knife,” I said, lifting the white gauze off just enough for her to see the fresh cut underneath.

She burst out laughing, nearly spitting out her own drink.

I joined in, imagining the picture she must have saw in her head from my recount.

My laughter was short-lived as sounds of Quincy enjoying this other woman slammed back into my thoughts like a freight train.

She noticed I’d stopped laughing and regained her serious composure.

“Okay, so let’s dissect this, and you have to be honest. Were you doing everything to take care of him on your end?” she asked inquisitively.

“I don’t know. I mean … I thought I was but evidently not,” I said lowering my eyes.

“You don’t know? Come on, you have to be honest with yourself here,” she said as if she was doing some type of intervention.

“I’ve been with him since high school. I did everything he taught me.”

“Everything he taught you? Are you telling me he’s the only person you’ve ever been with?” she asked.

I put my head down, feeling a little embarrassed revealing my sexual inexperience.

She reached over and gently pushed my head back up by my chin, waiting patiently for my reply.

“Yes, that’s what I’m telling you,” I slowly replied.

“Ever?” she asked again, shocked.

“Yes, you heard me correctly,” I said with a nervous chuckle.

She looked at me as if I had three heads.

“Well, have you ever had an orgasm?” she asked.

“I don’t know, it was just always over after Quincy got his,” I replied.

“You don’t know?” she seemed taken aback, “You poor thing. I can tell you from my experiences, no one knows how to touch a woman like another woman. My first orgasm was from another woman,” she said, softly pushing my long strands behind my ears.

She allowed her hands to softly grace my ears, my neck and then down my arms. My hairs stood up as chills followed the trace of her touch.

My body’s reaction to her was surprising me.

Sage’s eyes were seducing me. I felt exposed and as if she could look right through me and into my deepest desires.

I felt sober, but my thoughts were flipping out.

Is she propositioning me or just saying these things in general?

I’d started imagining what it may be like to be with another woman. My thoughts were running away.

My eyes fell on her lips. Plump and soft, I imagined her in between my legs soaking up my juices.

I clenched my thighs together at an attempt to stop the pulsating my pussy had begun to do.

“What?” I asked oblivious to what she was saying while I was lost in my fantasy of her.

“I said that every woman deserves to explode and escape and tap into their inner freak,” she said with a sexy smirk.

“Inner freak? I don’t think I have one of those,” I lied, knowing that she’d been waiting just under the surface to be released for years.

“You’re not a good liar,” she smiled, “I saw a glance of her in your eyes just a moment ago.”

I didn’t know what to say.

I got to be drunk.

Her damn hazel eyes were drilling right through me. Directly through, to my inner freak.

Chapter 6

It had all begun that simply. A chance meeting at a time of heart-break and intoxication.

I’d been with Sage and Kevin for nearly three days in our own little private oasis of temptation, lust, and pleasure.

I watched as the sun peeked through the cracks in the Venetian blinds.

Kevin laid in the middle of the bed on his back with his mouth slightly parted, breathing deeply. I could see his staff protruding beneath the comforter.

I smiled to myself.

Did he ever go soft?

Sage was on the other side of him with her back turned to him, her ass firmly planted against his hip.

My own leg was wrapped around him, I’d been comfortably cuddled up against him in my sleep.

Recollections of the previous night flooded my mind.

We’d all lied down in a circle. I gave Kevin my best fellatio, as he licked Sage and I felt her tongue flittering on my clitoris.

The moans escaping them mixed with mine as time seemed to stand still.

The combination of tequila and passion had me trying to swallow Kevin whole. His stifled moans as he continued to eat Sage’s moist box were hard to contain.

Then, we’d switched positions.

Kevin laid down flat on his back. I was still amused by how fine he was.

I took my rightful seat on his face and Sage straddled him.

She rode his dick and I took his tongue. His hands alternating from her ass to mine, as he indulged us both, at the same dame time.

Sage and I fondled one another’s breasts and then leaned in to passionately kiss as he satisfied us both.

Sage begin to ride wildly, I looked down to see the renewed wetness on Kevin’s shaft every time she lifted herself.

She rammed herself up and down on him, unable to control herself.

That turned me on more.

Kevin had his hand firmly attached to my hips. He poked and prodded my pussy with his moist tongue, from its clit to its hole in long strokes.

I started a slow grind on his face.

I rocked back and forth to the pace of his licks.

Sage and I returned to our kiss, our beautiful bodies rocking on him in unison.

We moaned in one another’s mouth, as she hungrily sucked on my tongue. She then bit down softly on my lip as her body quivered.

I soon followed as I felt my own body release.

After, we’d all again fallen asleep together.

I eased out of the bed not to wake them. I made my way to the restroom, where I saw my own reflection.

My eyes looked sad.

I’m only doing the same thing he did.

My conscious battered me.

How could something that feels this good be anything but right?

I tried to reason with myself.

I really want more. Quincy is probably getting more right now.

Regardless of how mind-blowingly blissful the past few days had been with Sage and Kevin, I still loved Quincy.

I was hurt.

How could he do this to me?

I was in a sober mind. My heartbreak had come back full-throttle.

I gathered my things and quietly let myself out and made my way to my car.

Chapter 7

Images of Sage and Kevin danced in my head as I made my way back home. The euphoric feeling still hadn’t seemed to leave me. I was smiling and feeling myself all the way home.

I pulled into my duplex apartment parking area to see Quincy sitting in his car.

What the fuck does he want?

I grabbed my purse and keys in haste hurrying to my door.

He’d cheated first. 

He’d unknowingly opened me up to sexual freedom.

I fondled with the keys at the door which gave him just enough time to catch up to me.

“I’ve been out here waiting for you all night. Where in the hell you been?” he asked, standing in between me and the door lock.

“Why do you fucking care, Quincy?” I asked back angrily.

“What? What do you mean? Of course, I care!” he exclaimed.

“What are you doing here, anyway?” I screamed at him.

“I’m asking the questions here. I’ve been calling you for days!” he said, matching my anger.

“Now you see how it feels!” I yelled at him.

“What?” he asked annoyed.

I couldn’t believe the nerve of him, here asking me questions after he was caught dick deep in someone else.

The nerve of this motherfucker.

My neighbor was a loud Spanish woman from Brooklyn named Marva. She kept all the neighborhood gossip. She opened her window to get a better listen to our spat.

I didn’t want to become the latest victim of her neighborhood news, so I allowed Quincy to come inside.

“Move out the way, we can talk about this inside,” I said.

He moved over to allow me to unlock and open my apartment door. We both entered together.

“What is wrong with you? I love you, Tam. I’m about to finally put that ring you’ve been wanting on it, and now you’re just going to leave me?” he asked.

“Well, Quincy you should have thought about that before you decided to cheat on me,” I said.

“Cheat on you? What are you talking about?” he asked with a blank expression.

“I can’t believe you! You are such a liar!” I yelled.

“Tam, seriously what are you talking about? I’ve been trying to reach you since I got back two days ago,” he reasoned with me.

“Since you got back two days ago?” I asked confused.

“Yes, mom had to have emergency surgery. They found a spot on her lung. I had to leave in a hurry, I left you a voicemail,” he explained.

I looked at him and remained quiet as I searched his face for traces of dishonesty.

“You didn’t hear my message, did you?” he asked.

His message?

I grabbed my cell phone from my purse and navigated to the voicemail.

Oh, Fuck!

There it was! 

Seven days ago, at 3:12 am a message from Quincy.

I hit play and listened., “Hey, my love. Mom has emergency surgery and I’m heading home to be by her side. I may not be able to call much my phone is dying and I left my charger home, but I’ll see you in a few days. I love you.”

My mouth went dry at the realization that I’d been unfaithful, when all my man did was run to be by his mother’s side as any good son would have done.

“You didn’t know I was gone?” he asked, “Is that why you’ve been ignoring me?”

I was speechless. But, shook my head, yes to let him know that he was right.

“Really, Tam? Come on now baby, you didn’t think it was strange that you hadn’t heard from me?” he asked.

“I did think it was strange, that’s why I …,” I stopped myself in midsentence, embarrassed.

“That’s why you did what?” he asked.

I continued to look at him, feeling lost in my own guilty conscience.

I could not bring myself to tell him that I’d used his extra key to enter his apartment. That I saw his car there and thought I’d heard him making love to someone.

Then, who was at his house having sex? The answer came next as if he’d heard me ask it.

“What happened? Did you go to the house? Did you see my friend Jeff there? He was house-sitting for me.”

Oh my God!

Chapter 8

Two weeks later.

It was Christmas Eve, carolers lined the streets as people bustled about getting prepared, while others had already begun celebrating.

We entered Che’ Marie’s, an expensive marina and bar, stationed on the Intercoastal Waterway.

We were seated, and I didn’t waste any time grabbing the cocktail menu. I was ready to start some celebrations of our own.

Our few days apart had reminded us of just how badly we cared for one another.

“I love you, Tam. I have a surprise for you, after dinner,” Quincy said making eye contact with me.

I could feel my stomach fill with butterflies, he still knew how to make me giddy like a school girl.

“I love you too, Q,” I said, leaning over to share a passionate kiss with him.

“There’s our new anchor!” came a voice from behind us.

We broke our kiss and turned in unison toward the voice.

A large smile sprawled across Quincy’s face. He stood up and stretched his hand out to shake Kevin’s.

My heart was tapping like typewriter keys.

“This is my beautiful lady, Tamela, and baby this is my new boss, Kevin Waters,” Quincy said introducing us.

Fuck! His new boss?

My mind stretched in a thousand directions.

“Hi Tamela,” Kevin said, shaking my hand, his eyes finding mine.

I pulled both my hand and eyes away, redirecting my attention to Quincy. Quincy seemed to notice this.

“Do you two know each other?” Quincy asked.

“Oh no!” we both answered in unison, way too quickly.

Kevin noticed how suspicious this appeared and began to speak again.

“And this is my lovely wife, Sage,” he said introducing her to Quincy.

They shook hands and joined us at our table.

This can’t be happening.

“Quincy, we are excited about your addition to WPXZ and just wanted to meet with you to find out if you have any questions or concerns. We have you scheduled to start right after New Years'. We think …”

This was happening.

Chapter 9

Kevin rambled on, but I could no longer hear his words.

I’d blocked Sage’s number from my phone and had again become the loyal and faithful girlfriend to Quincy.

Regardless of how great things felt with Sage and Kevin, Quincy was my love.

The wild nights with them had tapped into my ‘inner freak’, and them sitting there reminded me of just how much I’d enjoyed it.

I felt Sage’s gaze on me and looked at her.

She was in her fiery, red lipstick again. Her long, jet black hair cascaded from her head in spiral curls.

She was again, seducing me with her eyes as she had the very first time we met.

I tore my eyes away from her, throwing the thoughts of our time together from my mind.

I tuned back into the conversation between the two men.

“Our 401k and benefits packages are arguably the best in the state,” Kevin went on with his laundry list of reasons that WPXZ was the best place for Quincy.

This was supposed to be our romantic evening, and here they were on Christmas Eve discussing work.

I jumped a little in my seat as I felt Sage’s warm hands touch my knee and begin to make its way up my dress.

I looked at her, my eyes saying what I could not say verbally.

Are you serious right now?

Her hands answered as she worked on getting me to open my legs more.

“Baby, are you okay?” Quincy asked.

I scooted up in my seat, being sure that my thighs were clasped tight. Although I was turning down her advances, I was still turned on.

I felt flush.

I cleared my throat, “Yes, I’m fine.

He focused on me and then on Sage. He then directed his attention back to Kevin and began to speak again.

“I’m looking forward to joining the company and hopefully our ladies becoming very acquainted and good friends,” Quincy said.

He smiled at Sage and me.

We looked back at one another, our expressions mirroring what we both were thinking.

He had no idea.

Chapter 10

After Sage and Kevin departed, Quincy and I moved to the bar, where we continued drinking in celebration of his new six-figure income, as a sports anchor.

He looked over at me beaming with pride at his accomplishment.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing my hand and leading me from the bar.

At the side of the bar, there was an empty room used for throwing parties. Quincy fumbled with the door.

I giggled at the thought of us going in there to make love, oblivious to others right outside the room.

Yes, Quincy!

He had a wild side too and tonight I would let my inhibitions go with him. I was ready to be his dirty little freak in the sheets.

Let’s do this!

The door opened, and it was dark inside. Quincy led me in by his hands.

He let my hand go as he fumbled along the walls to find a light switch. It was so dark that I could not see my own hand in front of me.

“Quincy,” I called out to him.

The lights were flicked on to a room full of our closest friends and family. The room had been decorated with large banners announcing an engagement party.

Engagement party?

I looked around for Quincy who had found himself on his knees in front of me.

My mouth dropped at the same time that my heart swelled. This was my engagement party, here on Christmas Eve.

“Will you marry me?” Quincy asked, holding out a little box with a ring in it. It looked to be at least two carats.

I’d waited so long to hear those words.

“Yes!” I whispered through the happy tears that were rising in my throat.

The room erupted in applause as the ring was slid onto my finger. We embraced and went into a long kiss.

Chapter 11

I grabbed Quincy’s hand.

“Come with me,” I directed.

“We can’t just leave, we’re hosting a party here,” he said.

“They won’t miss us. I have a surprise for you,” I said, looking at him completely turned on.

I was ready to introduce him to my inner freak. Right then and there.

He took my hand.

I lead him to a utility closet I’d found earlier in the night when I’d been looking for a restroom.

I opened the door and stepped in. He followed me inside. I closed the door behind him, which made the room dim.

“Tam, what’s up baby?” he asked.

I reached down to grab his dick in my hands, it immediately began to grow.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed, relaxing and allowing me to take control.

I began undoing his belt buckle.

I got down on my knees as I pulled his dick out of his boxers.

I slid his manhood into my mouth, something I’d never done to him.

“Oooooooooo, Tam!” he exclaimed.

He tasted the best. My love.

I ran my wet tongue along the sides of his penis and then took him whole in my mouth again. I started to suck up and down with the pressure of making a hickie on his dick.

I sucked slowly, allowing him to feel every inch of my mouth and throat.

I felt his hands on my head, confirming that he was enjoying it, which turned me on and up.

I sped up my sucking with loud sloppy smacking.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” escaped from Quincy.

He was so swollen in my mouth, I never knew his penis could extend that far. I wanted to feel him inside of me.

“Fuck me, Quincy,” I said letting him know that I didn’t want to make love right now. I wanted my damn soul snatched.

“Lie down,” he instructed.

Hell no! No missionary.

I bent over in front of him instead.

“Take me like this,” I instructed.

He didn’t question. Instead, he bought my hips back to meet him, his hardened dick, pushing through with the perfect amount of pressure.


I rammed my ass back to meet him. Each stroke feeling like an injection of ecstasy and love all mixed into one.

This was what it was about, sexual pleasure and freedom with the one my heart loved.

I could feel him speeding up, something he always did when he was near exploding.

Uh-Uh, I haven’t gotten mine yet.

I pulled myself from him, causing his face to distort.

“Tam, what’s wrong,” he said panting, wanting to be back inside of me.

“You lay down,” I directed him, echoing his request to me earlier.

He didn’t ask any questions, he hurried to lie down on the fluffy carpet.

I straddled him, bringing my pussy down, stretching it across its head. Its tightness gripping him tightly as I began to ride him.

“Tam! What has gotten into you?” he said in between breaths. His mouth was wide open in awe.

I didn’t answer. I just continued to ride him. I raised and lowered myself repeatedly on him. Bringing my body all the way up to his tip almost like I was about to hop off and then back down quickly.

He grabbed onto my ass and began to dig into me as deep as he could, repeatedly.

Our bodies created a rhythm and song that was our own love language, our emotions intertwined.

He stirred himself into me, as I felt that euphoric feeling rising in my body.

“Ooooooooooooo,” I moaned at it’s released.

“Ahhh … shit!” moaned Quincy as I felt the oozing, warm stickiness of his release inside of me.

I collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily.


“Tam, that was amazing, baby. I’d always wanted us to bring it to the next level sexually, but I respect you so much. I never wanted to do anything to make you feel dirty or slutty. I love you so much,” he said.

“I’m yours Q. I want to explore with you, even if it means getting a little dirty or slutty,” I said with a smirk, I love you, too.”

We lie there together collapsed on the floor for a moment longer. I relished how good it felt to love him and to have finally found one another sexually.

We seemed to both come back to the reality that we were in the restaurant’s storage closet, while our engagement party rolled on.

Quincy looked down at his watch, “Dang, we’ve been gone for a while, it’s officially Christmas. Let’s get out of here.”

He chuckled, holding on to the largest smile I’d ever seen on him.

As we made our way back to the party, I no longer felt any guilt over my time with Kevin and Sage, it was what it was.

Back in the party room, our guests were fully enjoying themselves, not seeming to realize that we’d been missing.

We hurried over to join the Cupid Shuffle line dance happening on the dance floor.

To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right

To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left

Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick

Now walk it by yourself, now walk it by yourself

Down, down, do your dance, do your dance…

I was all smiles as I kept up with the line dance. I looked over at Quincy, he beamed with pride.

All in the same night, he’d secured his dream job and his soon to be wife.

I smiled inwardly at the ordeal that had taken place over the past few weeks.

This man loved me.

How could I have ever imagined that a misunderstanding could lead to a secret sexual encounter that would forever enrich our relationship?

He continued to look at me adoringly unable to tear his eyes away even as he kept up with the line dance.

I mouthed to him, “It’s Christmas, baby.”