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Convos & Cocktails with TJ

We are taking some time off to better serve you on this platform by bringing this event to you once a month in a Happy Hour setting for you to enjoy in person or online.

New Guest Host every Episode!

We will return soon for Unfiltered Grown & Sexy Conversations on Real Topics!

Streaming LIVE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Live at 8:00 PM for a Hump Night Escape.

Join LIVE BROADCAST on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. 

If you have a topic that you'd like discussed on Convos & Cocktails, we are still accepting topics. Please fill in our Contact Form or send TJ a DM on IG or FB. You will remain anonymous.

Click on the following buttons to land on the page for the CCWTJ LIVE Stream on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Est.



Bring Your Cocktails!

Cocktail check-in!

What's in your glass, your bottle or your red cup?

"Let's have some real and tipsy conversations on hot topics!"

                                            -T.J. Hope