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Knock U Down

"An erotic tale... "


Chapter 1

I clenched my thighs together. Both to quiet the hum of the vibrating panties and to try to control how much it was turning me on.

I was sitting with my lover and business partner Cameron, trying hard to cover my hardened nipples. I was sure that at any moment they would poke holes through my shirt. My pussy was throbbing and ready for entry. I shifted in my seat, cleared my throat and tried to refocus my thoughts.

We were seated in the VIP area at the Luxe Lounge. We were attending the Wrap-Up, the final and most extravagant event of the AAMBC Black Writer’s Weekend.

We sat on plush crème leather coaches that were surrounded by long, sheer curtains that hung from the ceiling and could be untied for added privacy.

I sipped my cocktail and skimmed my notes, preparing to share our writer recommendations with our stern, bitch of a boss, Brenda Lawson.

She was the first cousin to our barely involved CEO, Justin Lawson and basically did what the fuck she wanted and had no talent of her own to acquire worthy writers.

From the first day I’d arrived as an intern, she’d made life hard for me. Only a few years separated us in age, but I was more attractive. I had a natural knack for acquiring quality talent even back then. Her only asset to the company was being cousin to the CEO.

I used to always catch her giving me side-eye glances. Brenda never liked me much, she saw me as some type of competition and always critiqued my choices and recommendations more thoroughly than she did anyone else.

As the only other black woman at our company, I’d always felt the pressure to go over and above. I had to keep a squeaky-clean image and be available at a phone call’s notice.

She’d been trying to get rid of me from day one. I walked on eggshells around her. She’d insisted on flying in to attend this event, expressing her eagerness at our findings.

I believed that Cameron being my partner is the only reason I was able to secure a profitable position in the company for so long. She held a special affection for Cameron, and I was sure that her insistence in being in attendance for The Wrap-Up, was a ply to make sure that Cameron and I weren’t having too much fun.

I dreaded her arrival.

Chapter 2

The Luxe was as sexy as the writers, actors, and actresses, music executives, talent scouts, and celebrities that were in attendance.

Its gold walls let off a rich feel and its high ceilings boasted state of the art lighting that cast out an enchanting purple glow, like a spell.

Each table was pre-set with an elegant ice bucket and scooper, shaker and a bottle of spirits of the reserver’s choice. A single purple flower-adorned each table, accentuating the club’s attention to detail and elegance.

My panties began vibrating again.

The vibration on my clit allowing a faint moan to escape me. I looked around swiftly to see if anyone had heard.

I again clenched my thighs together tightly, downing my drink in one gulp. My pussy thumped a hungry rhythm, silently begging to be long-dicked. I struggled to focus on Cameron’s rambling.

“… with that story, we can do so much. It could be a star-studded cast. We could film in Miami and …”

His words shifted to Charlie Brown’s adult language in my head, “wa wa wa wa” as I eyed him.

Cameron and I have been business partners at the same talent acquisition company for the past eighteen years, Lawson’s Media, Inc. ‘Where your dreams are made reality’.

Cameron was indeed a sight to see at 6’ 1” with broad shoulders and chestnut eyes that seemed to always hold a smile. He was distinguished and intelligent, with wealth that matched mine. I was 5’7” and considered slim with elegant curves that allowed me to wear absolutely anything I wanted and blessed me with a youthful appearance.

Our busy schedules and many travels had long ago rendered us both unavailable to a traditional relationship. We both valued money and status, above all else.

We had now entered our forties, with no one to really share it with but each other.

I don’t know if we even liked one another that much. It was more of a convenience than any type of real connection. Our search for quality writers had for years led us to travel together.

We’d started a sexual relationship about five years ago. Too many drinks had led to honest confessions of loneliness and regrets about love. A conversation that had left us both feeling vulnerable and exposed, intertwined in reality and then each other.

Lately, sex with him had proved to be predictable, plain and boring.

Too many times, I’d find myself wishing I’d just opted for a night with my five-speed shower head. It seemed the older I got, the more I wanted something out of the traditional.

I wanted this pussy beat, my head banged against the headboard. Forget all that lovey dovey bullshit, fuck me!

That is the same sentiment that has me sitting here tonight in these gyrating panties, after losing a sexy bet. With my forties, came a sex drive that made my nipples hard with each blow of the wind. I was not just in need of sex, I needed great sex, from someone with a strong back and unwavering stamina. The complete description of the young man that was controlling my panties from across the room, Andre.

Chapter 3

Andre was my freaky little secret. I stole a quick glance of him, his long dreads pinned up, royally cascading around his head like a crown. Our eyes met for a moment. Then, he smiled and pressed the button to start my panties vibrating again.

I felt weak.

We’d fallen into this animalistic affair accidentally. I was at the gym on the squat machine, the ultimate contributor to my toned body. I worked hard to keep my figure but blamed it on my genes whenever anyone asked how I maintained it.

I was a ball of pent up energy ready to burst. I was sexually frustrated and longed for anything outside of the normal missionary position I was tortured by with Cameron. Andre came up behind me, playfully, as if he knew me.

“You’re doing that wrong,” he stated.

I turned quickly to see a young man with long dreads tied at the nape of his neck. His dark eyes held fire and his big smile held comfort. The sweat glistening on his bare chest made it hard for me to concentrate.

“What?” I replied.

“I said you’re doing that wrong. I’m happy to show you the right way. I’m a personal trainer here,” he said.

“I already pay a gym membership, not trying to pay a personal trainer too,” I said, a little annoyed that he was trying to gain a client.

He began to laugh.

“I didn’t say I was going to charge you. I just want to show you the right way.”

“Okay,” I replied, still a little skeptical.

“Now when you grab the handles, you gotta make sure that your feet are shoulder length apart, like this.”

He placed his hand on my inner thighs to slightly pull my legs apart so that my feet aligned with my shoulders on each side.

He then got behind me and held on to my waist as I followed his directions. I could feel his hot breath in my ear, as I slowly made my way through the repetitions.

“Just like that …” he moaned in my ear.

The fine hair on the back of my neck stood up. Every squat had me imagining squatting on his dick. After ten reps, I couldn’t do anymore and stopped and turned around to face him. His playful look had turned to one of passion. Our eyes met and indulged in a silent conversation, that we both understood.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful, it’s just that …” his speech trailed off.

I wanted to hear his answer so badly that I felt giddy. Butterflies were stirring around in my stomach and I was attracted beyond anything I’d ever felt.

What the fuck, Ronnie?

I silently questioned myself, knowing all too well that he was way too young for me.

Then before I could stop myself, I’d blurted out, “I won’t take it as disrespect, at all. I want to know what you’re thinking.”

He chuckled, “Okay … well … I want to knock you down.”

Damn. That shit sounded sexy as fuck.

“Excuse me?” I said, acting as if I was a little taken aback at his choice of words.

“I want to knock you down. Lay you down. Make love to you, then fuck the shit out of you. You understand now?”

Hell yes! I been understanding since you got here baby.

“I do … but, you look like a baby, how old are you?”

He began to laugh, “Ain’t nothing baby about me, all man. I’m twenty-four.”

“Twenty-four? You still got milk on your breath,” I teased him.

“Too young for you? Shit, you look like a baby too. How old are you?” He asked mocking me.

“Very flattering, but I just turned forty last month.”

“I don’t give a damn about that. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and going down ain’t nothin’ but a thang,” he said.

“Don’t be quoting Aaliyah, were you even born then?”

He laughed again. Even that was turning me on. What the fuck was I going through.

He backed up and looked at me. His eyes traveling down my whole body and then up again. I looked at him expectantly, wanting to know if he approved of what he was seeing.

He finally licked his lips slowly and spoke, “Damn. I know them old niggas ain’t hitting that shit right.”

Chapter 4

His last comment had turned me on, on the spot. I was so interested in how this young man would ‘knock me down’.

I didn’t care about getting to know him or what he did for a living. I just wanted to feel him. Fuck it! I wasn’t getting any younger.

He’d grabbed my hand and led me to the sauna room that was left unoccupied. He turned the heat off and locked the door. Before I could contest, he was already spreading my legs with his hands and pulling my workout tights and panties down with his teeth. I was so turned on by this, that I opened my legs wider, shamelessly, to let him know that he was invited.

My back involuntarily arched as his thick, moist tongue found my clit. He licked, sucked and slurped like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted. His long hair tickled the inside of my thighs.

His licks covered more area each time until I felt his tongue penetrate me, he was fucking me with his tongue. 

I could feel my own wetness increase, as his tongue continued to poke and prod and caress my inner walls.

“I’m going to call you Suga Walls, you taste so damn good.” He stated seductively.

I couldn’t reply, I was in between pants and moans. I just knew that I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to please him the way he was doing me. I felt competitive like I couldn’t leave this young man thinking he put it on me. I’m supposed to be more experienced.

I’d tapped him on the shoulder and motioned for him to stand over me. I lie down on the sauna bench flat so that he could dip his dick in and out of my mouth. I opened my throat more each time, allowing him to go deeper. The more he moaned, the more turned on I became, turning into the nastiest version of myself. I tried to swallow him whole.

The liquid flowed from my mouth as he popped himself out. I immediately turned myself over, positioning into the doggy style. I was so wet, so ready. I felt as if I would surely die if he didn’t enter me. I wanted to feel him balls deep.

He entered me with urgency, my pussy gripping his swollen dick like a glove. We both paused to take a long breath at the pleasure we both felt at him entering me. All my years, I’d never had a man this large.

I could feel that my pussy was full to its compacity both in depth and width. Every long-stroke felt like ecstasy dipped in perfection. He took his time with over-exaggerated long strokes that time and time again gave me the pleasure of feeling the head, followed by the extended thick shaft.

This was the most satisfying encounter I’d experienced, ever. I needed to escalate, now. I wanted him to beat it. I started to throw my ass back harder with each stroke, causing him to naturally pick up the pace.

He held on to my hips as he thrust himself inside of me.

It hurt so good. It was the perfect blend of pain, pressure and passion.

Since that day, Andre had become the best secret I ever had. I found myself sneaking off numerous times a day to indulge in our freaky fantasies.

He allowed me to be free and let all my inhibitions go. With him, I felt alive and sexy. We experimented together, trying absolutely any fantasy we could imagine.

As sexually attracted as we were to one another. We were undoubtedly in very different stages in life. Sixteen years separated us in age, three commas in income.

He was still taking classes at the Community College, while I had earned my Bachelor’s in Business Entertainment nearly ten years ago.

It didn’t even bother me that he drove that old piece of shit car that he kept claiming he was going to get fixed. All I cared about was the way he made me feel.

Chapter 5

“Did you hear me Ronnie?” Cameron was saying popping me out of my thoughts.

“What?” I asked.

“Brenda will be here shortly, and you can barely pay attention. What’s going on with you tonight?”

I rolled my eyes, knowing that I was well-prepared. I was the one that carried this team so for him to question my preparedness was pissing me off.

“Whatever Cameron,” I replied annoyed.

“Aw, look at you getting all salty. You going to let me lick that salt off you tonight?”

“No, I’m good. Not feeling sexual, I told you we’re done with that. Time to find new prospects.”

“New prospects? What? You’re kidding, right? We are made for each other. It’s been five years that I’ve been doing it your way. We should try it my way. Wa wa wa wa.”

Cameron had about two months ago confessed his love for me. I honestly thought it was a ploy for him to continue to have sex with me. I’d expressed in the nicest way possible that I did not feel the same way.

He’d then started to nervously chuckle and tell me that he was just kidding. I hadn’t had sex with him since I’d met Andre and had been thinking of how I’d break off the sexual relationship with him without ruining his ego and our friendship.

He continued, “I mean, we’ve had this attraction for so long. We’re together all the time. We both got bread. We would be the power couple of the year, no more hiding.”

This man has lost his damn mind!

“Cameron, what in the hell are you talking about?”

He didn’t answer. He just sat there looking at me like I was the woman he loved. 

When did he get so into me?

I did not get the memo.

I even turned to look behind me to ensure that it was me he meant to give his sacred love glances to.

The notification for my text message went off. I was relieved for a brief interruption.

K.D., which stood for King Dick, my pet name for Andre, flashed across the screen. I quickly clicked to retrieve his message.

King Dick: You look great in red bottoms, but pull that little ass dress down, stop showing these niggas my thighs.

I broke out into a smile I couldn’t suppress, as I scooted in the seat to pull my little black dress down as far as it could go.

My little secret.

“What you smiling so damn hard for? Cameron asked.

He was getting out of pocket and asking way too many damn questions.

My smile was erased at the sight of Brenda Lawson heading our way. She held a big exaggerated smile at seeing me.

This bitch knew she couldn’t stand me and was intent on finding any reason for the company to bid me farewell.

She extended her hand, “Sharonda, so nice to see you. You look gorgeous, you’ll have to teach me your secret one day. You never age.”

I shook her hand and responded with the same phoniness she’d shown, “Look who’s talking, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.”

I flashed back a fake smile, knowing she would know that was bullshit.

Although Brenda and I were similar in age, she’d given up on her figure long ago. She ate whatever she wanted and never worked out. I knew a lot of big girls that were gorgeous, but she looked frumpy and much older than her years.

Although power and wealth are attractive, I’d never seen a man checking for her.

“Hello there, Cameron, my love,” she said skipping the handshake she’d given me to wrap her arms around him.

My text notification went off again.

King Dick: Meet me by the restrooms.

“Excuse me,” I said swiftly getting up from the table and heading toward the restrooms. This was the perfect time to quickly escape, as Brenda was still holding on to Cameron telling him how handsome he looked this evening in his Armani suit.

I got up and straightened my fitted Dior dress. I’d accentuated with all the fine diamond jewelry I owned. I like to call this my dipped in diamonds look. All successful people knew that wealth attracted wealth, and I was intent on showing mine.

I’d accessorized with black red bottoms and a black Hermin Berkes purse. I strutted over to the restrooms area to find Andre. I had to tell him that he’d have to cool it on the panties until my boss left.

I needed to be on my A-game, as I know the slightest slip up could mean the end to my career.

Where in the hell is he?

Then, I felt his familiar touch on the small of my back. I knew it was him without even turning around. He was leading me to a closet that set in between the restrooms. He locked and closed the door behind us.

His lips found mine and we started to passionately kiss one another as if we hadn’t seen one another in years. His hands had already found his way underneath my dress and I felt him tugging to remove the panties he’d gotten me.

I stopped him.

“Wait,” I panted, “my boss is out there, we can’t do this now. We were about to have a meeting. I just wanted to tell you to cool it with the panties, until she leaves.”

“I’m not agreeing to that,” he said with a seductive smile.

“This is my career, seriously …” my speech trailed off as he engaged the vibrating panties, bringing my hungriness for him front and center.

“Okay, maybe just a quickie,” I said unable to deny him.

He had just entered me when a text notification came in.

Cameron: Hurry back. Brenda is waiting.

“Fuck! I gotta get back to the …,” I said breathlessly as he continued to dig in me from behind. It felt great. I’d been anticipating this all night.

“Sharonda darling, are you back here?” I heard Brenda’s voice asking. I peeked through the downward slants in the door to see her looking around and calling for me.

I yanked myself off him, “That’s my boss. I have to go.”

“That’s your boss?” He asked as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Yes, what’s wrong? Do you know her?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, I do. A little too well,” he said looking down at the floor as if he was embarrassed.

I felt a tinge of jealousy arising in me. As much as I tried to fight it, I was developing real feelings for him.

How did he know Brenda? 

What was going on? 

Was he the type that preyed on older women?

Did he have any real feelings for me?

I didn’t have time to ask the questions I needed to ask.

Brenda had just entered the ladies’ room in search of me and I needed to get out of that closet and back over to VIP before she came back out.

“The only way I’m letting you outta here, you gotta keep those panties on all night. Let me keep playing with that pussy from across the room. You lost the bet. Those are the rules.” he reminded me.

“Okay,” I agreed reluctantly.

At that moment, I just wanted to get out of the closet before Brenda came back out.

I wiped quickly with a moist towelette from a small discreet pack that I kept in my purse just for times like this.

I put the vibrating panties back on and swiftly jumped out of the closet and made my way back over to the VIP, just in time to catch the host starting the night.

Chapter 6

The host was a beautiful, caramel-colored young woman with her natural hair pulled back in a knot. Her pink chiffon romper left little to the imagination, but she was built right to flaunt it.

I knew of her personally. She was a talented young author, that we’d recently tried to have signed with us to transform her award-winning story into a film. However, we were outbid by another company that shared her hometown, right here in Atlanta.

Cameron didn’t like her for that reason and chuckled as she nearly tripped on the stage. She looked a little nervous but recovered quickly.

“Welcome to the Wrap Up at Luxe Lounge, sponsored by the AAMBC. I’m your host, Piper Brown.”

The crowd applauded wildly, showing the young beauty love.

She continued, “Tonight promises to be very interesting. So, make sure to eat up, drink up, and link up with those industry experts that you’ve been dying to meet all weekend long.”

The crowd again erupted in applause as Piper made her way off the stage.

“What took you so long? She went off to look for you,” Cameron said, realizing I’d made my way back.

“To the restroom, I must have eaten something bad. I had to take care of it,” I lied.

My attention then went to Piper, who had taken the VIP section next to ours. She looked overwhelmed and as if she had a lot on her mind.

She was downing drinks way too fast to be hosting tonight.

I was older than she and decided I’d give her some solid advice. I was just about to get up to go over when two outrageously handsome men joined her.

Cameron continued speaking, “Wa wa wa wa.”

I strained to listen in on the heated conversation happening next to us. Ms. Piper was engaged in some type of love triangle with the two men. They both sat with her demanding answers.

Damn, this is getting good.

Cameron kicked me lightly under the table to get my attention. His way of notifying me to get it together. I looked over to see Brenda making her way back over to us. She took a seat on the side couch for one in our section closest to Cameron.

“Okay, so now that we are all here …” she looked at me with a side glance, “… we can finally get started.”

The panties began to vibrate.

Brenda heard them as it happened so fast, I hadn’t had time to squeeze my legs together, to quiet the noise.

“What is that?” she said looking at me confused.

“Oh umm, just my cell phone vibrating …” I said.

I fumbled with the phone. I couldn’t turn it off until the vibration ceased. It finally did.

“Oh, there it goes. It’s off,” I stated apologetically.

Brenda looked at me side-eyed, adjusting the glasses on her nose as if I was already getting on her nerves.

I looked over at Andre with an, ‘I’m going to get you for this’ look. Brenda’s eyes followed mine as I tried to look away or as if I was looking at someone else.

She saw him.

“Oh, my goodness, is that Andre? What is he doing here?”

She stood up and waved to him, motioning for him to come to join us. He strolled over, and they embraced with a tight hug.

“Cameron and Sharonda, I’d like for you to meet Andre, my son.”

Chapter 7

I nearly spit out the whole sip of Moet I’d just taken. Her son? I was dizzy. I tried to calm myself.

“Nice to meet you,” he said shaking both of our hands before taking the open couch seat closest to me, adjacent from his mother.

I couldn’t believe this shit. As I tried to wrap my mind around it all, my panties again began to vibrate.

“Oh my God, Sharonda! Turn the damn phone off already! Time and time again you make me question your professionalism,” Brenda said disgustedly.

As soon as I touched the phone, Andre turned the panties off realizing the seriousness of the situation by his mother’s hateful tone towards me.

“Again, my apologies. I have it turned off now,” I said hoping that Andre was agreeing to cool it at least until this meeting was over.

I’d never been happier to see a scantily dressed waitress heading our way as I was at that very moment.

It was just too much going on.

I needed to balance, something to stabilize all this shit.

She made her way over to refresh our ice and bring another chilled bottle of Moet. I reached for it shamelessly and refilled my glass. I looked over at Cameron, who winked his eye at me.

I hoped Andre hadn’t seen that. 

I downed my champagne in one large gulp.

Could we get on with this fucking meeting already?

I needed to digest everything.

Cameron began speaking, “Before we get started Brenda, I’ve been wanting to ask you something.”

I browsed my notes to organize in my mind which writer I wanted to convince her on first. I’d reached out to a phenomenal author whose books I’d had the pleasure of reading prior to meeting her.

I was excited about this one, as I already had an image in my head of the perfect way to transform her book series into a television series.

“Sure. Anything.” Brenda replied.

Sure. Anything. I mimicked in my head as I rolled my eyes.

“It’s just that, I don’t remember ever signing any clauses or even ever hearing a conversation about relationships or sex even, between co-workers. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that this is not frowned upon at Lawson Media?”

What the fuck?

My head snapped up to look at Cameron in warning.

He looked back at me with a challenging smile.

“May I ask what is bringing forth these questions, Cameron?” Brenda asked.

She looked at him, then over at me as if we had some explaining to do. This shit was going too far. 

I started the meeting.

“Brenda, Cameron and I have recommendations for five authors that we’d like to interview further about their stories. We are confident that we’ve chosen the best and …”

Andre interrupted me, “So, you just gon’ act like that didn’t just happen?”

Oh my God! What the fuck? Is this motherfucking confession day?

It had suddenly gotten quiet, the tension so thick you could cut it. The silence only interrupted by the flutter of pages as I looked through my notes, as a distraction.

Andre got up and was standing before me before I had time to think.

He snatched the pages from my hand, “You fuckin’ him too?”

“Too?” Brenda asked with her hand over her heart as if she was about to have a heart attack right there in VIP.

“Too?” Cameron asked looking from me to Andre.

“Answer me!” Andre stated sternly, a side of him I’d never seen.

“Andre! What has gotten into you, son?” Brenda asked surprised at how aggressive Andre had suddenly become.

He ignored his mother’s question, “You fuckin’ this old nigga?”

“Old!” exclaimed Cameron.

“Andre!” yelled Brenda.

My little secret was no longer mine. I looked from Cameron to Brenda then to Andre, realizing there was no way out. I had to face this, right here and now.

I looked up at Andre, still standing in front of me and began to speak, “I use to. I haven’t since you and I met.”

“That’s why you stop fucking me?” Cameron said growing angry.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe this! You are quite the little tramp Sharonda and not someone that I think should further represent Lawson Media Incorporated. This cougar shit is not cute! I always knew there was something off about you.”

“I’m leaving!” Cameron said getting up to leave, “Catch a damn Uber back if you have to. You ain’t shit.”

As he turned to walk away, Brenda gathered her things and rushed off behind him, “Cameron Darling! Wait up, I’ll ride back with you.”

I pinched myself hoping this was a nightmare that I’d wake up from.

I felt dazed.

What in the hell had just happened?


Again, I reached for the chilled bottle of Moet to fill my glass. I sat back on the leather couch and allowed the coolness of the leather on the back of my thighs and legs to comfort me.

Only Andre and I remained. His childish outburst had led to the end of my career.

I no longer wanted to see him.

“Damn. I’m really sorry,” he said.

I didn’t reply. I just sat there looking out into space. I’d been at Lawson Media since I was twenty-two years old. I started as an intern and worked my way up from there.

They’d paid my way through college. I was one of the faces of Lawson and I planned to fight to get my position back.

I looked up to see Andre untying the long drapes to give us privacy. 

I rolled my eyes.

“What are you doing Andre? After all that has happened tonight, I really don’t …”

“Shh,” he directed me to quiet down with his finger held up to my lips.

I complied.

The aroma of the Tom Ford cologne I’d purchased him, invaded my reasoning. I felt myself getting turned on, just from that slight touch to my lips. What power did this young man have over me?

Ronnie, get it together. I tried to reason with myself. 

Loving this good dick is what had me in this predicament in the first place.

He continued, “Listen, like everyone within ten feet knows that you’re fired and that you’re fucking a much younger man. So, the fuck what? They probably jealous.”

I laughed, needing so badly to make light of this situation still wondering where he was going with all of this.

“I guess I’m trying to say that I don’t care if everyone knows about us and how old you are. You ever think about being more. Like, givin’ a young nigga like me a real chance to be your man?”


I hadn’t expected that and had mixed feelings about hearing it.

I did have feelings for him too. I could fuck him forever but things had just gotten super complicated. I wasn’t sure if he was mature enough for me. I decided to just be honest with him.

“I’m feeling you too, Andre. But, we are like in different stages in life and me losing my job … just a lot to think about, you know?” I said.

“It didn’t click to you yet, huh?” he asked.

“Click?” I asked confused, wishing he’d get on with it.

“Well, you just found out my mother is Brenda Lawson. Think about it. I just drive that raggedy-ass car around to dispel the gold diggers and people that want to be down with me based on what I have. I am also very wealthy. I gained access to an inexhaustible trust fund when I turned eighteen. You don’t have to worry about nothing baby.”

“Andre, that’s great but I can’t sit home and let you take care of me. I’m not built that way; I have to feel accomplished for myself.”

“Okay, I’ll invest in you your own media firm. You got all the connections, anyway.”

“So, you’re saying you’d invest in a company that would be in competition with your namesake’s company and would be stealing a large number of clients from them?” I asked.

“Stealing is a hard word. Let’s say we pitched them and won. Whatever you want, just be mine. I know you feel me too.”

“I do Andre. It’s just that …” my speech trailed off as my panties began to vibrate.

He looked at me with a seductive smile. We were shielded with draperies so instead of closing my legs this time, I opened them as wide as they would go.

He kneeled before me and began to passionately kiss me.

He kissed me with urgency as if there wasn’t anything else he needed more. I felt the same need, for him to fuck away the weight of the night’s fiascos.

I didn’t care about the age difference, that job or anything else at that moment. 

I just wanted Andre to knock me down.

The End